PSA for Fast Growing Companies

Krow PSA 

PSA for Small Business

Designed for startups and small business, onboard your clients, track your projects, timesheets, expenses, and client billing in one platform.  Integrated to Quickbooks and Xero.

Client Management

Manage your client accounts and account billing and contact information. Collaborate with customers on projects and bill clients for services delivered.

Project Management

Manage client projects from start to finish all in one place.  Create tasks with drag-and-drop ease,  collaborate with customers and project team members with project activity and status updates.


Collaborate with clients and project team members with activities and status updates.    Automatically email clients and team members when a new activity is completed.    Invite customers to directly colloborate on projects.

Time Management

Keep track of how time is spent on tasks and projects. Track billable or non-billable time, track cost and bill rates for accurate client billing.  

Expense Management

Track billable and non-billable expenses on projects.   Create configurable expense types and tax types for expense processing.  Invoice billable expenses to clients.

Project Billing

Turn every project into a profit center with project invoicing.  Track rate cards, cost & bill rates.  Create invoices for time & expense and fixed fee or manual payments.   Download invoices to PDF and email invoices directly to clients. Automatically post invoices to Quickbooks and Xero. 


Real-time integration with Quickbooks and Xero.  Seamlessly post your invoices at the click of a button.